About Us

At KNITCRATE, we know that dyeing yarn is a passion, a process, and an art. We appreciate the excitement and fun that independent yarn dyers bring to our fiber-loving community members!  It's why we started KNITCRATE in the first place! We were the first monthly yarn club focusing on getting indie hand-dyed yarn into the hands of thousands of knitters and crocheters worldwide.  We have been doing so since 2012 and have members in over 30 countries! 

While a feature in one of our KNITCRATE shipments is a great way to boost your potential customer base and get your yarn in the hands of knitters everywhere, we know that publicity doesn't pay the bills, and that the initial investment required can be steep for small businesses.

In order to make your work with us a little easier, we've introduced some new programs that can help our KNITCRATE-featured dyers do what they love with more benefits and less stress.

1. Benefit from our Wholesale Selection KNITCRATE Dyer Supplier

Dyers that have been featured in KNITCRATE receive added benefits when shopping our bare bases. You can continue to buy bases you love from us at true wholesale yarn prices, and enjoy discounts on bulk orders. We work with you in a way that allows you to scale up easily: order as little as 1 bag (10 skeins) or get your own yarns custom milled through us.  At www.dyersupplier.com, you'll find a listing of our current offerings, all tied into 100g hanks and ready to go. Work with our content coordinators to get a sample card and find the perfect fit for your artistic skills.

2. Yarn Support Program for Dyers

If you are featured in one of the KNITCRATE crates, you are eligible for the Yarn Support Program for Dyers.  We know that you are an artist, and what you add to a yarn goes far beyond where it begins. That's why we've partnered with select mills to produce a range of high quality, cruelty-free (no mulesing) yarn bases that are ideal for dyeing with natural or acid dyes.

We are happy to offer yarn for our KNITCRATE-featured dyers free of charge!

Work with our content coordinators to determine the amount per skein you'll need for your custom dye. Once everything is organized and agreed, we'll ship the yarn to you (we cover shipping to and from), you do the dyeing: you get paid when we receive your finished product.  Custom dyeing fees paid to you range from $4.00 - $5.00 per skein on average.

If you want to learn more or are interested in being considered for one of our crates, email us at submissions@knitcrate.com. 

3. Be featured in one of our KNITCRATE monthly clubs

Do you think you may want to be featured in one of our crates? Read below to learn a bit more about what we do and how we collaborate with indie dyers? 

At KNITCRATE, our goal is to get your yarn in the hands of knitters and crocheters everywhere who are sure to love it. We do this monthly by sending out carefully curated kits that feature a quality yarn paired with patterns and notions that our subscribers will love.

As a potential KNITCRATE partner, we're hoping you'll be one of those featured contributors, and that we can help you bring attention and excitement to your brand. When choosing a yarn for your shipment, you'll be working with our content coordinators to determine the best fit for our subscribers. Be sure to let them know about any upcoming new product releases or special bases that you may be introducing - KNITCRATE features make for great product launches!

KNITCRATE offers a wide variety of subscriptions for our customers:

Artisan Crate - our classic KNITCRATE shipment, featuring two or more skeins of high quality yarns of a wide variety. This shipment features two patterns: one for beginners and another for intermediate crafters, and includes a notion. If you have a brand that has an internal pattern line or supporting notions, this is a great placement for you! If you don't have a pattern line or supporting notions, our content coordination team will work to find great products that offset your work, and partner your yarn with designers who can help your yarns shine.

Crochet Crate - classic KNITCRATE, but geared towards crocheters. Crochet is too often ignored, but is experiencing a great resurgence of amazing patterns and products in the last few years. Similar to the Artisan Crate shipment, this features a beginning and intermediate pattern, and a notion in each shipment. If you have a pattern line featuring crochet, this is a great chance to feature it. Otherwise, our content coordinators will arrange to have your yarns worked up into beautiful designs by independent designers.

Sock Crate - a single skein of sock yarn, a drawer of possibilities! The Sock Crate is the perfect shipment for springy, foot-ready yarns. Members also receive a notion in each shipment, as well as a pattern designed specifically for your yarn by and indie designer, or from your own pattern line!

Indie Kit – on occasion we’ll feature an Indie Kit in the KNITCRATE shop.  These kits focus on the artistic quality of hand-dyed or small-batch yarns. If you produce small batch farm or hand-dyed yarns but the quantity required for Sock, Crochet, or Artisan is too big, this might be the placement for you! We work with independent designers to create a cohesive kit featuring your yarn and a unique new pattern.

Next Steps

After everything is finalized with our content coordinators, you will be asked to send along samples of your yarn(s) for photography and design purposes. These are considered part of our overall order and should be billed on the same PO, at the same agreed-upon pricing, but will be delivered earlier than the main shipment. This allows our marketing team to build an amazing suite of beautiful images that can continue to draw attention to your brand after the boxes have shipped!

4. Be featured in the KNITCRATE Shop

Additionally, our shop team may reach out about featuring you in the Offers section of the KNITCRATE shop, where you can showcase your wider variety of choices to our customer base.

Additionally, opportunities to be featured outside of our subscriptions and in the KNITCRATE Shop are available to many of our dyers. Through a more traditional wholesale arrangement, we are able to feature your full range of products so that customers can see more than what comes in a single shipment or kit. This is a great way to familiarize those new to your yarns with the extent of your offerings, and guide them back to your shop for future purchases.

5. Marketing & PR

There are many additional benefits to working with KNITCRATE, aside from putting your work in the hands of thousands of subscribers. We have a robust and dynamic social media presence that will draw attention to your brand during the month of your feature.

KNITCRATE has a dedicated marketing and social media team that will coordinate with your content creator and get your information out there to our audience during and after the month you are featured. We love to coordinate cross promotions as well, so if you have ideas for giveaways, special pattern sales, or other marketing plans to celebrate your shipment, let us know!

Additionally, our relationships within the industry become your relationships, too. We plan to host various events and workshops in the future that will allow designers and dyers to network and collaborate beyond their time working with us. At KNITCRATE, we believe strongly that dyers are the imagination of the industry, and we hope to help keep that alive!