We're Dyeing to Work With You!

The team behind Dyer Supplier is also the team behind KnitCrate, one of the largest and longest-running yarn companies in the world. Through our experience buying hand-dyed yarns from hundreds of artisans just like you, we know that dyeing yarn is not just a passion and an art form, it's also a lot of work, and finding the right raw materials, at a reasonable price, can make or break a small business. 

Pricing that benefits your business

At Dyer Supplier, we know that the price of your undyed yarn sets the price for your wholesale and retail offerings, too. We've worked to give you great starting costs, with benefits like bulk pricing for larger orders and free shipping over a certain threshold, to make buying your bases more affordable. 

Transparent Sourcing

Our team values ethical production, and seeks to work only with yarn producers who do the same. All of our fibers are carefully researched and sourced to make sure they're doing the least harm to the environment possible, and appreciate and value both animal and human lives through every stage of production. You can rest easy knowing where your materials come from and where they are milled: it's listed right on the page for every sample and set. 

Getting Started, or Expanding your Empire

We welcome dyers of all levels: whether you're starting out on a new business venture or keeping up with high demand for your yarns, we're here to help. By not requiring new dyers to register for our website to get wholesale pricing, we're keeping the door open for smaller businesses to get started. With bulk pricing tiers and free shipping thresholds for larger orders, we're working with established dye businesses to grow and succeed. 

Continued Education

Our blog is loaded with interesting articles on topics that really matter: from basic dye color theory to navigating social media platforms, we're adding new resources for you all the time. 

Building Community

Join other dyers who use Dyer Supplier as their source in our Dyer Supplier Facebook group. This group is closed to keep discussions private. To join, fill out the invitation survey. 

Have questions?

Email our team at priority@dyersupplier.com with more information about your business and ideas for collaboration and we'll get back to you quickly!