Post-processing is a key way to make your photos look more professional and give your brand an overall, consistent visual style. If you use Lightroom, a preset is a quick shortcut to editing photos when you don’t have a lot of time. While you can always create your own presets and use them for everything, when you aren’t a fully trained expert on a program, that can be a daunting task. That’s where preset packages, like the ones listed below, come in – they’re free, easy to download and use, and instantly upgrade your photos. We’ve picked out some of the best ones with yarn and product photography in mind. 

Photonify has quite a few presets, but here are some of our favorites with yarn dyers in mind: 

Photo from Photonify

Fireworks increases contrast between dark colors and bright ones, making it a great choice for dyers who have wild, vivid colorways. You can see the difference in the image above - the left is unedited, the right side is with the preset. 

Photo from Photonify

Do you love that food-photography, slightly matte look? Yarn feels dreamy and delicious when the Food Photography preset is applied. The left side of the image above is unedited, the right side is in the preset. 

Another great site for presets is called, unsurprisingly, Free Lightroom Presets. They offer some great ones that should enhance knit photography beautifully: 

Let’s Get Lost is a brilliant color preset, perfect for those shooting on a white background or in natural light:

photo from Free Lightroom Presets

While Cosmic Dancer’s name makes it sound otherworldly, the down-home feel of this preset is perfect for skeins that need to be intense against natural settings. 

photo from Free Lightroom Presets 

These last few presets are from a bunch of different companies, but are great choices for yarn photos that need to pop! First up, the Color Love preset from Exposure School (a great resource for any photographer): 

photo from Exposure School

And another from Exposure School, the Bold Color Preset

photo from Exposure School

Preset Kingdom offers a huge pack of Color Quest presets for $59 – but you can get a sample out of their color pack with this free preset, Sharp Pop. This preset intensifies light areas, dark areas, and colors for a really strong look:

photo by Preset Kingdom

Photography Planet is full of great resources and products, including their Color Pop Lightroom Presets. If you’re a fan of the glowy, bright, and light look - with a strong does of color - the free preset might be perfect for you. 

photo from Photography Plan.Net

Of course, you’ll need help if you’ve never used presets before on how to install them into Lightroom. You can find the full rundown (along with another list of presets) here! 

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