Thinking about pursuing natural dyeing your yarns? These are some of our top picks for great books on the subject. 


The Modern Natural Dyer, by Kristine Vejar

This beautifully photographed guide outlines basic dyeing processes, recording and refining your dye experiments, and covers working with both full materials and powdered dyestuffs. 

Harvesting Color, by Rebecca Burgess

A regional and seasonal foray into natural dyeing that focuses on harvested dyes in the United States.

Botanical Color at Your Fingertips, by Rebecca Desnos

Available in both digital and print, this natural dye book is UK based and talks about an unusual mordant: soy milk (or soya milk as the author calls it). 

Natural Color, by Sasha Duerr

Written by dye professor Sasha Duerr, this book outlines a mix of different plant, wood, and material dyes, both fugitive and bonding. 

Wild Color, by Jenny Dean

A comprehensive dye book that outlines several mordants, modifiers, as well as cold, hot, or solar dyeing methods, in addition to guides on dyes themselves. 

The Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing, by J. N. Liles

Considered the ‘bible’ of historical natural dye recipes and methods. 

Natural Dyeing, by Jackie Crook

A wonderful introduction to natural dyeing at home.

Natural Dyeing with Plants, by  Franziska Ebner and Romana Hasenöhrl

Includes and extensive list of various dye sources. 

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