This month in our Dyer Discussions group, we’re talking about innovation and creating a unique product in fairly saturated market. Not all yarn dyers are created equal – and each dyer can find a knitter who perfectly matches their aesthetic and style. We’ve made a list of a few unique ways you can stand out from the crowd. 


Rainbow Heirloom is a brand that launched with a clear dyeing style - semi-solids in a palette of basic bases ideal for using with the Tin Can Knits pattern range. Photo from Rainbow Heirloom.

Identify your dyeing style

Do you have a technique not used by many other dyers? Do you focus on variegated, naturally-dyed, speckled, or semi-solid applications? What about labor-intensive ombre or gradients? If you’re doing something special, highlight that with featured product placements or by focusing in a single area while you develop your brand. Another key element you want to identify and share is your color sense – consider sharing your inspiration sources as well as the end product. If you’re passionate about particular color schemes or themes, make sure you’re communicating that to your customer base. 


Photo from the Small Things blog, from a tutorial about natural dyeing with Tickseed Sunflowers.

Hone your craft

One of the hallmarks of a dyer just starting out is using dye straight from the bottle. If you aren’t custom-mixing your colorways or taking the time to perfect your formulas, you’re going to have trouble standing out and staying consistent and interesting for your customer base. It’s always worth it to write things down, keep a dye journal, and practice new techniques until you feel comfortable with them. Great dyeing doesn’t happen overnight, even to people with natural talent, so expect to always be learning new things.


Create a Visual Brand Identity

We covered this a little with last month’s blog post from our Creative Director, Hannah Thiessen. One of the best things you can do for your brand is develop a visual branding identity that helps distinguish your product from others. By choosing a distinct product photography and presentation style, you’re creating a lifestyle around your brand that helps others relate to you.


Choose your bases carefully

Have a stance on what types of bases you’re looking to feature! Do you want to be a shop that focuses on unique, luxury yarns? What about unusual dye methods applied to novelty skeins? Maybe you’re wanting to be a go-to source for the best workhorse bases around, or you’re focused on garment knitters, sock knitters, or shawl knitters. Don’t try to be everything for everybody, and watch as the customers you want most appear at your door looking for exactly what you’re offering. Dyer Supplier can help - check out all the bases we have on offer here! 



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