Our Limited Edition yarn line comes to us in small batches from established dyers who have bases they’re not pursuing for large scale production. When you’re big enough to do mill runs, sometimes you give things a try before settling on the exact spin, twist, and ply you want for every yarn. This can leave you with a few ‘extras’ laying around, and Dyer Supplier is happy to snatch these up and share them with our smaller dye customers just looking for unique, one-of-a-kind bases that bring variety and excitement to their shops. 

This limited edition Worsted weight base is seriously the softest yarn you’ll have ever touched. With South American (mulesing free) Merino and a generous 210 yards per skein, your customers will come back for this base again and again, so buy what you need when you check out. With the great pricing, it’s pretty hard to see this one sitting on our shelves long! 

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