Looking for a way to do photography at home without breaking the bank? Our dyers know that great photos equal sales, but sometimes figuring out the where and how of a good photo ‘studio’ in a small space can be tricky. Here are a few of our favorite products, tips and tricks. 

White on White

photo by Garnstories

If you’re mostly looking for a standard white on white setup, it’s one of the easiest photography styles to achieve. DIY your own out of two pre-built canvases, posterboard, foam core or a simple white ‘sweep’ (a paper roll set up from ceiling to floor or within the space you have). If you don’t want to DIY, you can also buy portable light boxes. These setups work well with both natural and artificial studio lighting (but daylight is significantly cheaper, of course!) 

Hard Textured Backdrops & Bases

photo from Knitting Vividly

Looking to add a little more visual interest to your product photos? A textured backdrop or base might be an easy solution. These are typically just plywood or masonite boards that are either stained, painted, or have contact paper applied, or they can have individual boards. It’s easy to DIY your own, or you can get something similar at your local hardware store, in the wood-craft section at a big box store or craft supply shop, or through a company like Mini Backdrops

Soft Fabric Backdrops

Looking for something a little softer? We use a yard of wool for the backdrops of all our Dyer Supplier photos. Simply drape the fabric over a ‘back’ piece (like your foamcore board, or even the back of a chair) and move it into good lighting! 


You have a few options when choosing lighting for your setup. If you’re able to take photos in early morning or early evening, the natural light coming in through a window or outside might be your best and cheapest option. However, if you need to take photos indoors or at night and don’t have access to good natural light, some of these resources may help: 

Backlighting your Photos // Understanding Photo Lighting // Moody Photo Lighting // Artifical Lighting with Great Results

General Photo Setups

Here are a few blogger’s and influencer’s photo setups:

Gimme Some Oven // Paper & Stitch

Looking for something a bit more out of the ordinary? Try this really cool photo setup. We’d love to see someone do this with yarn!

January 31, 2018 — Rob Colon

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