Pre-Order 75/25 Merino Nylon Fingering, SW BFL DK, and Marled Sock

Our mill is working on our next batch of bases, and the 3 bases below are now up for PRE-ORDER only. Please allow 4-8 weeks for processing and shipment arrival. Our mill has indicated a shorter window of time, but we want to be safe with the time frame given the uncertainties with international shipping at the moment.

75/25 Merino Nylon Fingering

BFL DK Superwash

Marled Sock Yarn
September 16, 2021 — Aimee Hansen

Pre-Order SW DK, MCN, Bouncy Aran, BFL DK SW, BFL Fingering SW, Tilandsia Non-SW and Merino Wool Camel Non-SW

Our mill is wrapping up the next batch of bases to send over to us.  Below are the bases that are available for PRE-ORDER only.  Please allow up to 2 weeks for us to receive the yarn from our mill and process your order.  It may be sooner, but we want to be conservative in our estimate.

SW Merino DK Undyed Yarn

Merino Cashmere Nylon Sock Undyed Yarn

Bouncy Aran Undyed Yarn

BFL DK SW Undyed Yarn

BFL Fingering SW Undyed Yarn

Non-SW Tilandsia Fingering Undyed Yarn

Aran Non-SW Merino Wool Camel

June 14, 2021 — Content Team

Shipment Received - SW Worsted, 75/25 SW Merino Nylon, 80/20 SW Merino Nylon, BFL DK SW.

Hi dyers! We received our shipment yesterday in the evening, May 25th, 2021.  We will be processing all pre-orders first between today and tomorrow.  After pre-orders are processed, we will sort the remaining inventory and update quantities in the shop.  

The items received in the shipment were:

SW Worsted

75/25 SW Merino Nylon

80/20 SW Merino Nylon


May 26, 2021 — Content Team

Pre-order SW Worsted, 75/25 SW Merino Nylon, 80/20 SW Merino Nylon, BFL DK SW

Our Italian mill is coming back online and they are going to be shipping us bases as they complete production in phases. The mill is wrapping up production on the following bases this week and will be shipping to us next week - SW Worsted, 75/25 SW Merino Nylon, 80/20 SW Merino Nylon, BFL DK SW.  

You can pre-order these now to reserve them ahead of time.  Please note prices will be increasing May 1st.  Any pre-orders placed prior to that will honor the historic prices.  

April 29, 2021 — Content Team

Price Increases Effective May 1st, 2021

Due to the events over the past several years gravely affecting supply chains worldwide, currency fluctuations and commodity prices, we have found it necessary to increases prices on a portion of our bases.  These changes will take place on May 1st, 2021 at 12:00 am EST.  Any purchases or pre-orders placed prior to May 1st will honor the historic prices.  

Base Updated Prices / 5 Pack
80/20 SW Merino Nylon Fingering 40.23
SW Sport Merino 39.62
SW Worsted Merino 39.63
75/25 SW Merino Nylon Fingering 39.75
SW Merino DK 39.75
Marled Sock 44.57
Sparkle Sock 47.10
SW Fingering Singles Undyed 37.43
Merino Cashmere Nylon 47.75
2 Ply SW 34.71
Silky Single 46.68
Nice & Round Fingering 39.82
Bouncy Aran 35.89
Silvery Sock 40.71
BFL DK SW 45.50
BFL Fingering SW Undyed Yarn 44.99
Silk Superkid mohair 43.95
Non SW Cloud Chunky 2 Ply 33.20
Non SW Pillow Aran 33.42
Pretty Fine DK Non Superwash 32.52
Angel Hair Fingering Non SW 37.08
Baby's Breath Fingering Non SW 35.68
Taffy DK Non SW 35.60
Non SW Tillandsia Fingering 40.65
Non SW 75/25 29.38
Non SW 80/20 30.00
Elegance 52.93
Non SW Camel Wool 61.94
Aran Non-SW Wool Camel 55.20
April 29, 2021 — Content Team

Stock Alert: Favorite Bases Now Restocked as of February 16th, 2021

Quick update.  We just restocked on the following bases.  Prior to receiving them into inventory, it has all been weighed and gone through quality control.  All the hanks received are over 100 grams in weight.  All your individual shipments will also be weighed prior to shipment. 

Superwash Cashmere Nylon Fingering

Superwash Merino DK

Nice and Round Fingering

BFL Fingering Superwash

Superwash Sport

Superwash Fingering Singles

BFL DK Superwash

Angel Hair Fingering Non SW

Non SW Tilandsia Fingering

Sparkle Sock

75/25 Merino Nylon Fingering

Our mills are working overtime to process our orders to get restocked as quickly as possible.  In the coming weeks we are receiving another batch, which will also include a restock of our SW Worsted.  

Stay safe! If you need anything, don't hesitate to reach out. 


February 16, 2021 — Content Team

Stock Alert: Favorite Bases Now Restocked as of January 4, 2021

Happy New Year! We're excited to share that our shipment arrived sooner than expected and these bases are now available while supplies last:

The following bases were restocked last week and are still available now while supplies last: 


Remember, quantities will be limited so make sure to get your stock while you can! We'll send another update when the yarn arrives.

Stay safe and healthy, and keep making magic!!

January 06, 2021 — Aimee Hansen

Stock Alert Update - Incoming Inventory Update September 9, 2020

We wanted to post a quick update about the the restock shipment we've been expecting. It is arriving a little later than anticipated, but we've gotten word that it has cleared customs and we are working on getting it to the warehouse. As soon as the shipment arrives, we will send out an update with what bases are available and ready for you to order!

We can't thank you enough for your patience over these past few months as we have been dealing with inventory level issues due to Covid. We will continue to keep you posted with the latest updates here on our Announcements page.

September 09, 2020 — Content Team

Contest: Win a 5-pack! Help us Name our new collections!

Enter your suggestions in the comments section below! The winners will receive their choice of two 5-packs!  Good luck! Contest ends Sunday September 6th at 11:59 pm EST. 

We have eight new bases being spun for us right now that will be in our warehouse in a few weeks.  These eight bases are part of three collections, and we would love your help coming up with a fun name for each of these 3 collections.  Below are the collections compositions:

New Yak blends:

  • Fingering Superwash 50% Extra fine Merino, 25% Superfine Merino 25% Yak
  • DK Superwash 50% Extra fine Merino, 25% Superfine Merino 25% Yak

Biodegradable additions to our eco-friendly Down to Earth line:

  • 75% Fine Organic Merino 25% Biodegradable Nylon
  • 80% Fine Organic Merino 20% Biodegradable Nylon

New Falkland Merino blends:

  • Superwash Fingering 100% Fine Falkland Merino
  • Superwash Bulky Single Ply 100% Falkland Merino
  • Superwash Sport 100% Fine Falkland Merino
  • Superwash DK 100% Fine Falkland Merino

How to enter? Copy and paste the text below into the Comments section of this blog post.  Replace the text "[ENTER CONTEST NAME HERE]" with your suggested name and post it to the comments section below.  Our team will go through all the names and pick the winners the week of September 7th. Good luck!


Biodegradable additions:  [ENTER CONTEST NAME HERE]

New Falkland Merino blends: [ENTER CONTEST NAME HERE]


Congratulations to our contest winners!

Yakulent (Yak Blends) ~ Rachel from Ottawa, Canada

Ecotopia (Biodegradable additions) ~ Tyra Jenkins from Illinois

Malvinas (Falkland Merino blends) ~ Angela from The Whimsical Gnome and Amy W. from Minnesota (great minds think alike - both submitted this entry at the same time!)

The mill is spinning these new yarns for us now! Watch our announcements page for news about when they will be in stock!

September 01, 2020 — Content Team

Stock Alert- Incoming Inventory Update August 31, 2020

We expect a new restocking shipment from our mill this week.  The following bases are being restocked: 

SW Sport Merino - DS028

SW Fingering Singles - D025

Silvery Socks - DS037

SW Merino Cashmere Nylon Fingering - DS026N

SW 80/20 Merino Nylon - DS003

SW 75/25 Merino Nylon - DS009

Aran Non-SW Merino Wool Camel - DS059

We have increased our orders with the mill for future months to be sure we are fully stocked for you going forward.  Thank you for your patience these past few months as we have been dealing with inventory level issues due to Covid. 

Once the inventory arrives, we will be sure to send you an update letting you know!


August 31, 2020 — Content Team