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Most yarns are sold by the kilogram, ten 100-gram skeins per package. All yarns ship directly from our warehouse.

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Ethically Sourced in North America, South America & Europe

Our undyed yarn comes from North, South America, and Europe. We carry a variety of staple and luxury blends featuring fibers like Mohair, Merino, Silk, and Alpaca, plus a few with low-volume synthetic additives like Nylon and Stellina.

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When we first talked with KnitCrate about dyeing yarn for them and their subscribers, we were a little worried about using KnitCrate yarn vs our own Artisan Yarns.  After all, we were familiar with how our own yarn takes up the dye, how it's put up, and how it behaves.  It was also a different fiber content than what we normally carry.  KnitCrate sent us a few sample skeins to dye and we took on the challenge.  We were very pleasantly surprised.  We LOVED how the skeins were already in 100g skeins and ready to go.  (We normally work from cones and skein off the pre-dyed yarn ourselves.). The yarn was soft, very easy to work with and was an obviously good quality yarn.  It took the dye beautifully and had a very nice dimension to the colorway when complete.  I would definitely not hesitate to do more dyeing for KnitCrate using their yarns.  

Erica, Artisan Yarns